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百家乐软件Recruitment for Student Clubs

Revision:Wang Yihan; Suo Lingling; Xie JianghuiDate:2017/10/19

Every year upon freshmen’s arrival, varieties of clubs will get up steam to brace for the recruitment of new members. From October 14th to 15th, it was estimated that 100 student associations gathered and showcased themselves on the Guizhong Road. It’s the extraordinary scene with firing competition between them that makes the gathering dubbed “Hundred Clubs Battle”. On this year’s “battlefield”, every club cut a conspicuous figure.

Volunteering Associations

Volunteering Associations make up large portion of CCNU clubs. Their objectives usually center on aid for the disadvantaged like helping students in poverty with education, providing public social service like environmental protection. Their existence represents the social concern of college students and actions they take to contribute to the development of public service.

Several outstanding volunteering clubs such as Xin Xin Huo Volunteering Teaching Association have gained fame among colleges in Wuhan, even in HuBei Province. Their recruitment attracted great numbers of public-spirited freshmen. These freshmen must have pictured their college life with a tint of social responsibilities. “Clubs provide knowledge and skills that students might not get from traditional curriculums. Hopefully, freshmen can receive something different and realize their individual values in the course of helping others”, said by Guan Lingling, the leader of Xin Xin Huo Volunteering Teaching Association.

Art Associations

Art associations’ performances set everyone on fire. The dazzling dances, intoxicating music and ravishing handcrafts caused everyone at fever pitch. With a thirst for developing new hobbies, freshmen carefully selected their favored clubs.

Dixiao Association was definitely one of the hottest clubs, with a long line of 20 meters before its stand. Two freshmen even took a selfie before the super long line. So popular the club was and it distributed two sectors to recruit members. The club cadres were busy recording the new comers’ information. Some club members were playing the flute around, others were gathering together playing classic songs.

Several guitars laying scattered on the lawn, melodious music flowing out of a stand, it was the Guitar Association. A small band was performing folk music, with one lead singer, two guitarists and one drummer. The magnetic voice along with crisp guitar sound and deep dub attracted a large crowd of audience. They told us that the songs were all made by the lead singer, and he hadn’t given them names yet.

Nearly everyone who passed before the Ocarina Association would stop and marvel at those delicate ocarinas. They were undoubtedly artworks. All kinds of ocarinas with bright colors and graceful shapes were displayed on the table. The club cadres patiently introduced the types of the ocarinas and showed students how to play them.

Knowledge-oriented Associations

The knowledge-oriented associations are also quite popular. With associations’ abundant resources, students can dig into knowledge. Additionally, they can encourage and supervise each other in the pursuit of knowledge.

Black characters on a white background, the banner of Sexology Association was quite eye-catching. To many people, taking part in the Sexology Association was a bold move, which contradicted Chinese conservative characteristic. In fact, it has nothing to do with filth, but popularizes sexual science and helps students to maintain healthy sexual psychology. As the first student community on sexual science in China, it has gained high reputation and built an excellent image.

The Japanese Association was another well-liked club. It would teach its members’ Japanese twice a week and invite the teachers from Japanese training institutions to offer some training. “Here, you can at least learn elementary Japanese,” said the senior. Apart from Japanese teaching, it would also hold sakura appreciation activities as well as Japanese cuisine cooking.

The two-day club recruitment ended up with a full stop. After entering favorite clubs, CCNUers’ life turned a new page.

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